Our vineyard

The grape varieties we grow take root in a typical gravelly sandy soil of Saint-Émilion and the Libournais. The distribution of grape varieties used is 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc.

In a move for quality and optimal management of the vineyard, vines are rather short enough and pruned according to the simple Guyot vine training system with 8 buds. The winemaking process remains traditional and each year the maceration lasts approximately a month. Wines are aged in oak barrels for around 12 months. The casks are replaced every 4 years. 

Today, the quality of the wines produced by the Debacque family is recognised worldwide.


Wine tasting tips 

L’équipe du vignoble 

The Château Mélin is fully appreciated from 5 years old and is best consumed within 15 years for the great vintages. 

It goes fantastic with risotto, red meats (rack of lamb, duck aiguillettes,…), game, pan-fried foie gras as well as soft cheeses with bloomy rinds (camembert, brie, coulommiers,…) and uncooked pressed cheeses (cantal, morbier, tomme de Savoie,…). 

Also, the Château Mélin blends very well in various recipes : puff pastry goat cheese and grapes, duck magret and prunes, coq au vin and morels, strawberry soup, red wine and strawberry coulis, red wine cake, peaches in wine